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Turning over a new leaf...


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I'm seriously trying to DROP the moodiness and venting in these things.  It's depressing to realize that they're posted here...and I'm sure they're not too much fun to read.  Also...I don't have a pitifully sad life.  Sure, life isn't perfect, but there are MANY more people out there with MUCH bigger problems to deal with.  So...here's to trying to be more positive and upbeat...


This weekend was interesting...to say the least.  Friday was quite uneventful for me...I pretty much locked myself in my room in an attempt to force myself to get some schoolwork done.  Yeah...that really didn't work...but I had a nice relaxing night...even though it wasn't so quiet.  My two roommates had about 7 people come FROM out of town to stay for the weekend along with other people FROM around here just crashing here for the fun of it, so it was a mad house around here.  Saturday morning/early afternoon the 3 carloads of us went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch.  Then my boyfriend and I had a petty fight and he threatened not to come...yadda yadda yadda.  I yelled at him good and told him how middle-schoolish he was behaving, so he got his butt right in that truck and drove up here.  So then my boyfriend got here, and some of the parties were already starting around here.  He and I went next door and enjoyed our neighbors' company...they're fun people.  And it was a crazy, fun night.  Lots of laughs...lots of stupidity...lots of washing worries away and gaining perspective on what's important.  The weekend was a success overall.  Things have been busy, but not as bad as one might imagine.  I have 18 days left until classes are over...that's only 14 days worth of actual classes...and then 3 days worth of finals...and, in fact, many of my professors have chosen random days to cancel classes so that we have time to "catch up" on assignments that we're running behind on thanks to the snow.  So that makes things easier.  This week was supposed to be one of my least thrilling, busiest weeks ever...but thankfully things have calmed down some.  And now I'm really happy, because after a successful telephone interview, I have been called in for a face-to-face interview for a paid internshp...paid internships make me happy.  I'm just hoping that goes well...and that I'm not late getting INTO Richmond this Friday...if I am...well, I'll probably cry...but I will fight for a different interviewing slot...haha.  I NEED this.  Well, I need a paid internship...not necessarily that one in particular.  But at this point I'll take just about anyone that is offered to me.  Anywho...I really need to stop talking and go to bed, because I have to actually make myself get up "on time" tomorrow.  Wish me luck with that...hahaha.  Goodnight everyone!


P.S. - I think Ms. Soap Opera Monopolized might need her own "journal"...   style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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Monopolized grabs the Listerine


Eh, I try to get out with friends every now and again. Like I said, I don't have much leisure time. These past two days have been the only two days I've been off and did absolutely nothing for a good, long while.


So, as desired, I'm sunburnt and sore FROM exercising. I've tried to add to my journal every night on my website, though. It's a bit difficult at times, though, when you come home drop-dead tired. lol However, I'm really doing my best to keep it updated.


I read a website tonight. It was quite interesting, actually. This lady had submitted dozens upon dozens of personal ads over the internet. FROM all the ignorant replies she got, she started a website of all the replies to make it a bit humorous. I've decided it was a good idea. I won't use that specific idea. However, I'm trying to think of ways to have fun over the internet in that kind of manner. What do you all think?


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