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I don't know where to begin...


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If I bothered writing here regularly, I may not feel as dumb as I do right now about posting.  I feel like I have been complaining way too much lately to everyone...but I'm going to complain some more anyway, because apparently that is what I do best.


Had I bothered posting earlier this week I could have happily told you about my wonderful weekend (that I will still tell you about)...and you wouldn't have to hear me complain.  Of course there's also that gap of time between my last post in general...it's been a while.  But anyway...since I probably can't even clearly remember anything much before this weekend (because I have a horrible memory when it comes to things like that), we'll start there...


Wayne was supposed to come stay with my Friday and Saturday night, but he ended up HAVING to work Saturday morning...it was depressing, because for once we were going to have a full weekend together.  But he came up on Saturday and told me that he would stay Saturday and Sunday night, so I was all happy again.  Saturday we just hung out...went to see a movie of his choice...that was about it.  My roomies were gone all weekend, so I was free to clang the pots and pans Sunday morning and make breakfast for once.  Of course I didn't actually wake up until like 12pm, but it's all good.  So we had a good breakfast and then went to the mall just because there isn't much else to do in Harrisonburg...haha.  Then we came back here to get ready for the evening.  Dinner and a(nother) movie - of my choice...an actual "date" for the first time in a long time.  It was great.  My boyfriend was actually acting like a boyfriend for once, instead of being a punk.   style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif   Monday we had to get up SUPER early so he could drive back and get his butt to work.  SUPER early = 5am.  Sadly he got stuck in traffic on the way back, because they closed down 64 east bound completely for several miles due to an accident.  This, of course was the start of an icky, grumpy week for both of us.


Monday...RAIN.  I'm really hating the "April Showers" right about now.  I had an interview for an internship on Monday.  It was in Richmond.  I was up at 5am to see my boyfriend off and never fell asleep again.  So, I was up and in the shower and getting ready for class.  I had class FROM 9am - 10am, then it was back here to change INTO my business suit and collect my materials and whatnot for the interview.  Then it was to my car...and a 2.5 hour drive in the rain and fog to Richmond, because that's where the interview was.  Can I tell you that walking around in heels in the rain is not fun?!  So I have a pitstop at my dad's work to have lunch real quick, and then it's off to the interview.  I get there 30 minutes early and the receptionist looks at me like I'm crazy for being there early.  Anyway...Kevin, the guy I have the interview with is in a meeting...and when he comes out he's like "Who are you?"  And I tell him...and he's all..."We were supposed to meet tomorrow, not today!"  Ummm...NO.  Let's see...I have class pretty much FROM 8am - 2pm on Tuesdays...and I scheduled the interview for 3pm.  So why in the world would I schedule it for Tuesday when it takes me AT LEAST 2 hours to get to Richmond.  He says "I have a conference call FROM London at 3pm"...ok...well, I can't meet Tuesday...and I would refuse to drive back on Tuesday anyway...so it's interview that day or don't bother with them.  I don't NEED them.  But they "need" me...so he made sure his conference call got moved to Tuesday.  Which, of course, was satisfactory for me...but it was still quite irritating.  I may have one of the messiest rooms in general...my car may not be the cleanest it could be all the time...but I DO keep my schedule organized.  Don't try to tell me that I messed up!  So, the interview went well.  Waiting to hear back FROM them...although it's an unpaid internship, and that's not what I was looking for.  FYI - when I sent in my application, I was under the impression that it was a paid ($9/hr) internship...they forgot to UPDATE their info on their site stating that it is now UNPAID.  So, then I swung by Dad's work again.  Interviewed Vencent, my dad's coworker - technically my former coworker since I used to work there - for a class.  Then Dad and I went to dinner.  And then there was another miserable drive.  AND THEN...when I got back at 8:30pm I had to go straight to campus and do a homework assignment with my "homework partner."  That was fun, lemme tell ya.  I finally got home FROM the longest day of my life at around 10pm.


Tuesday = more rain.  Tuesday = boredom, my database professor throwing more pop quizzes at us, and that's about it...


Wednesday = MORE rain.  I had to get up early to ensure that I got ready for and was on time for my in class "presentation."  It was another role-playing exercise.  I had to be interviewed by a classmate in front of the whole class and be videotaped.  I actually did much better than I thought I might.  95.  The highlight of the week...especially since that's the highest grade my professor gives.  And that was pretty much my exciting Wednesday except that I spent like 6 hours trying to find classes to take next semester.


Thursday = MORE RAIN.  Total boredom again.  Except that I had class registration at 1pm.  Hmmm...Fundamentals of Merchandising, Buyer Behavior, Retail Marketing, Biology, and Kickboxing for now.  Yes, kickboxing.  I need to get my lazy butt moving some more...and kickboxing will do that.  I have a whole semesters worth of credits open to take the most random classes I can find.  College credit for kickboxing...ain't life grand?  I do have to take at least one or two other classes though...just have to find one...have to meet with my advisor next Friday, so we'll see what happens.


And it's still raining.  And I have much more to complain about, but I won't ramble on too much longer for now.  I already let lots of it out to my friend Chan.  He got to listen to me ramble for a good hour or so.  Things are just really frustrating right now.  I think I need a break FROM life as it is right now.  As much as I tend to dread going back to live at my parent's house, I'm kind of looking forward to it.  I need to get out of Harrisonburg for a while.  Although it is kind of scary that when I come back to Harrisonburg I'll be a senior.  This will be my last "free" summer.  Corporate America, here I come.  Or at least...here I try to get a job.  My boyfriend needs to start making loads of dough so I don't have to work...hahahahaha.   :8P:


I love my boyfriend.   style_emoticons/default/sad.gifl):   When he's here I forget about all the crappiness that makes me sad on a regular basis.  Our relationship isn't perfect, we fight, we act like idiots towards one another sometimes...but we've been together almost 2 years, and we're still ok.  I wish he was here now.  A hug would make me so happy right now.


I've been making myself depressed lately.  I want to be cheerful.  I want to be carefree like everyone else SEEMS to be.  I think that I have pushed myself INTO "adulthood" much to quickly.  The majority of my friends are still stuck in a high school mindset.  I HATE it.  I cannot communicate with them anymore.  Sure, there are random IM conversations...but that's about it.  And the e-mails?  They're the surveys that I started filling out when I was like 14.  Yes, I do send one out on occasion when they are sent to me...but not once or twice a week!  I walk around with a constant half frown on my face.  My voice...it has lost it's former cheerfulness...enthusiasm.  I remember freshman and sophomore year when my friends used to "make fun" of me because I used to smile "too much."  Now I'll be a senior soon and there's rarely a smile on my face.  I love my school.  I appreciate my life.  I just don't know what has changed over the past few years to make me change so drastically.  I need to get back to doing things I love.  Being around people I love.  And...as I told Chan, I need my kitty cat.  He always makes me feel better.  If going home is horrible it'll all be worth it just because I'll have my pets again.  You can always count on them to share your love.


I'll end this now, since it is already much longer than I thought it might be.  Hope everyone is doing well.   style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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And the e-mails?  They're the surveys that I started filling out when I was like 14.  Yes, I do send one out on occasion when they are sent to me...but not once or twice a week!

How about posting those things on here and sending out the links to them instead of forwarding them?  Because then people could make one response that everyone could read instead of it being bounced around a billion times.


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1)  Because I don't care about filling them out enough to bother...usually I'll only send them directly to the person that initially sent it to me.


2)  Because no one would come here to read them/fill them out, which means all the people that didn't get the inital forward or whatever would KEEP forwarding them to me...and that'd be annoying.  I know which of my friends will not let them die, so for them I fill them out almost immediately or send them a "mean" (not really) e-mail telling them to bug off.

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