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Population: Zero


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Uh, hello?


Hmm...Houston, we have a problem. It seems everyone's gone. Maybe everyone's playing bingo...oooo, or maybe everyone is eating a really long sub or pizza...OMG, maybe they've been abducted!








style_emoticons/default/popc1.gif  - Monopolized

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People are around...they're just in the chat rooms.  I was going to try to post this morning after class...but, well, the day just didn't go as planned...hopefully I'll get to posting soon.  


As far as the aliens go...I wouldn't surprised if Admin was abducted by aliens and brainwashed.  At least he'd have a valid excuse for being as weird as he is...haha!



Anyway...miss talking with you, Monopolized!   style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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Hmm. I'm watching the World's Wildest Police Videos.


An officer pulled over a drunk driver. As always, the driver was given a test. The officer wanted the driver to recite the alphabets as part of the test. But, first, he asked the man how much education he'd had. The man replied, "I've got twenty years of education. I graduated 10th grade twice!"


I thought ya'll might enjoy that as much as I did. *grin*


style_emoticons/default/popc1.gif - Monopolized

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