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Oh me, oh my...


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Love & Hate

Love & Strong Dislike

Love & Other Feelings



"Hate" is such a strong word, I didn't think it was overly appropriate...


"Strong dislike" just doesn't sound right...


And, while "other feelings" isn't the coolest, it'll do...



Love...   style_emoticons/default/sad.gifl):


[*]First off I would like to say that I


my new pillow.  It is a wonderful, beautiful thing.  I bought it yesterday, because my old pillow is as flat as can be...which works for Wayne, because he likes his pillows flat...but it wasn't working for me in the least bit.  I don't believe that love is too strong of a word in this case, because my new pillow does more for me than some of my friends.  It makes me happy, when the time comes it will "comfort" me, and it helps me relax.  I had the best sleep in the longest time last night.  But moving right along...


[*]All of my favorite people at Dacity.com are wonderful, of course.


[*]My case manager, Kyle, for Big Brothers, Big Sisters...she's great...and always there to lend a hand.  I'm proud to be forming a friendship with a woman that devotes her life and time to make the lives of kids better.


[*]Aliza, my former internship supervisor at Special Olympics VA and always friend, because she too is wonderful and fun.  And she also devotes her time and energy to make peoples lives happier.


[*]Getting out of class early...that's a beautiful thing.  Haha.


[*]Naps...need I say more.


[*]And of course, my boyfriend...even though he is frustrating me to know end at this point.



Other Feelings...   :stare:


[*]I do NOT like the rain.  Today my pants were soaked up to my knees.  Granted I am not the tallest person ever (I'm 5'4"), but compared to the rest of my body, my legs are pretty long.  I decided not to wear my sneakers because I knew within 5 minutes they, my socks, and my feet would be completely soaked...instead, I wore boots.  However, those did not help.  My feet still ended up soaked.  NOT COOL!  And I would advise Monopolized not to become a meteorologist.   :-Þ


[*]My umbrella which does not do it's job.  There is not a hole in my umbrella, yet my hair was soaked each time I had to go out in the rain.  And yes Monopolized, I held it over my head...and it was open.


[*]I do not appreciate awful drivers.  I am not the best driver...but I'm no where near as bad as some of these people out on the road today.


[*]I do not appreciate people that treat you rudely out of no where...and we'll leave it at that.


[*]I really don't like midterms!



There are many other things...maybe I'll add them later...I'm going to go figure out what I'm going to say/ask during my "presentation" tomorrow.

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Yeah, that may play a little part in the play. Just a little, though, not a whole lot. *grin*


Spoiler (Highlight to Read):
MIGHT being the operative word. Besides, what's the fun in being a SA if no one gets frustrated? *grin*


style_emoticons/default/popc1.gif - Monopolized

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