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It's about time for some more rambling...


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...just to warn you...now that there are all these new smilies that I haven't used yet this post may have quite a few.   style_emoticons/default/bud.gif



It has been over a week since I have typed up anything around here...I'm sure you all missed it a lot.   :8-P:   And I never did tell ya'll about my birthday party...so we'll start with that and move on FROM there.




[*]The weekend of March 1, 2003 - My 21st birthday party

I'll try to keep this as short as possible.  My boyfriend and our friend Howard drove up FROM Richmond on Friday night.  The next day we got our tails in gear to prepare for the party.  Stops at Wal-mart, the mall, and the ABC Store (of course) were made…and then it was in and out of the apartment getting everything straight for the party.  We pretty much put our entire living room in our laundry room – which is about 1/8 of the size of the living room.   style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif   We were amazed that so much fit in there.  Anyway…our neighbor Bobby wanted us to kick-off the party at like 7pm, but of course that was a little too early for us.  We finally started partying around 9-ish…and it was a crazy night.  We all had a very good time…and I think I’ll leave it at that for now.   style_emoticons/default/wink.gif




[*]Spring Break 2003 (March 7 – 16)

I returned to Richmond on the Friday, the 7th , because we had to leave early Saturday morning to catch our plane…and because we were HAVING a little party at my aunt and uncle’s house.  The party was for my new baby cousin…her name is Emily and she was born at the beginning of February…it was kind of a welcome home party for her with all the friends and family there since some of them didn’t have a chance to see her before last weekend.   It also turned INTO a kind of late birthday party for me too.  We ended up HAVING 3 cakes (one for Emily, one for me, and one random one), lots of photos taken, and lots of gift paper flying every where.


Saturday morning we got to leave the house a little before 8am…Mom woke me up at 6:30…that was painful!   style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif   Especially since we were up until 3am packing.  But anyway…our plane left on time, and we arrived in Las Vegas safe and sound.  Immediately we were whisked to a buffet by my uncle, Son, and his roomie, Alan, who had arrived in Vegas the day before.  In case you haven’t been to Vegas or just didn’t know…it’s all about buffets there.  That’s one of the really bad things about Vegas…it’s always food, food, food…buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Not good if you’re like me and want to get INTO much better shape!  Anyway…we finally checked INTO the hotel.  To keep a long story [kind of] short, our 4 days in Vegas consisted of too much eating, lots of gambling, plenty of sightseeing (including a trip to the Hoover Dam – which marked my first trip to Arizona as well since the state line lies in the middle of the dam), and just HAVING fun.  And as weird as it was, I ended up seeing this guy that goes to my school [that I had classes with in the past] in Vegas.


Tuesday evening we landed in San Diego.  We stayed with my cousin, Thuy, and her fiancé, Chinh.  This meant more eating.  I’ve almost come to the conclusion that Eating = Life for Vietnamese people.  The thing is…when we finally realize how much eating is going on, we laugh at how ridiculous it is…and then, of course, just keep on eating.  San Diego was good…I loved my cousin’s pets.  Two cats, Lucy and Sammy, and a doggy named Molly.  We went to the zoo and the beach.  We had a good time.


We flew home on Saturday.  I spent Sunday getting my stuff together and visiting with the man I love.   style_emoticons/default/sad.gifl):   Then late that afternoon I had to drive back here…the drive was SO boring   :fatk:   and so gloomy.



Now I’m back at school...and it kind of stinks.  This is my self-proclaimed h*ll week.  Yesterday I had to go and spend over $120 on getting an outfit together.  Business suits…what a pain in my butt!  And a pain to my checking account as well.  Monday I had a pop quiz first thing in the morning…I know I got a 100, so I’m not going to complain about that too much.  Last night and this afternoon (into the evening) I had to work on a project that’s due Friday…thankfully it was completed today, so that’s ONE thing that I don’t have to worry about the rest of the week.  Tomorrow I have a midterm in my Personal Selling class…and then Thursday I have a midterm in my Physics class.   (O.o)   Then Friday…the reason I had to go waste money on another suit…I have to interview one of my classmates for a fake job.  My Personal Selling professor is big INTO us HAVING to participate in class…we’re all required to play the interviewer and the interviewee once at some point through the semester.  And…because “women should wear skirts during interviews” according to my 64-year old professor, I had to go buy a new suit since the one that I bought for last semester is a pant suit.  Did I mention that I’m not really a fan of “public” speaking still?  I’m getting better, but it is still really works on my nerves.  I think I just feel that I sound more idiotic than I actually do…at least I HOPE I don’t seem as idiotic as I feel.  But anyway…I guess that’s enough rambling FROM me for now.  I need to get back to studying for those midterms…although that probably won’t really happen.   (-:

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