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Grant you, every situation involving someone "coming out of the closet" has different circumstances about. However, are there right and wrong times, in general, to come completely out about someone's sexuality?


For example: We all know Ellen Degeneres, right? Of course. Star of the once-was hit "Ellen" sitcom; comedian, actress. The way the story, on basis, goes: Ellen came out in the climax of her "stardom". At first on her television show, Ellen couldn't find Mr. Right - she then found Ms. Right. This was fuel for the fire; the controversy started. Alabama prohibited the hit sitcom to be televised in the state, as this was the only state. If she had come out before-hand, would it all happened differently?




Melissa Etheridge: We all understand to the full extent of what she's really singing about. At first, she never denied being a lesbian however, she was strictly advised not to wave a flag about her sexuality. Within time, the word leaked through the cracks and some were left with mixed feelings and such. (I suppose you could say the same for Boy George.) If she had been up-front about herself, would she have sold as many albums as she originally did? Michael Stipe of R.E.M. seems to have a successful rate of album sells...


What's your take on the situation? Is there a right and wrong, good and bad way to "come out of the closet"?


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Redheads are hot

And that particular red head in T.A.T.U. mwahahahahahaha


But still, the point was that they are either purely lesbian, or just put on a SHOW for the song.  Either way, it's out in the open, and is being welcomed and played everywhere that I know of.  It's been on Jay Leno, Last Call with Carson Daly, and a number of other shows.  I know there are gonna be die-hards that are gonna oppose the music based solely on their lesbian-like showiness, but I have a feeling that those two girls will make a big impact on the acceptance of homosexuality.

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