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[OLD]Who took the candy bar?


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During the lunch hour at school, a GROUP of five boys FROM Miss Jones homeroom visited a nearby lunch wagon. one of the five boys took a candy bar without paying for it. When the school principal questioned the boys, they made the following statements in respective order:

1. Rex: "Neither Earl nor I did it."

2. Jack: "It was Rex or Abe."

3. Abe: "Both Rex and Jack are lying."

4. Dan: "Abe's statement is not true; one of them is lying and the other is speaking the truth."

5. Earl: "What Dan said is wrong."

When Miss Jones was consulted, she said, "Three of these boys are always truthful, but everything that two of them say will be a lie." Assuming that Miss Jones is correct, can you determine who took the candy bar?


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