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[OLD]MACRoCk 2003


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I guess this will fit in here...


MACRoCk is back for its fifth year here at JMU.  I personally have never attended more than one or two shows during the 2 day hoopla, just because most of my friends were too lazy to get off their butts.  However, if you're a music lover, you may want to look INTO coming up for this crazy weekend.  They are expecting anywhere FROM 7,000 to 9,000 people to SHOW up for the fun...


According to the JMU website, MACRoCk will present "over 80 bands, 30 record labels, and a dozen panel discussions promoting independent music, business and thought."  It is $20 for a weekend pass...otherwise you have to pay at the individual venues.  The $20 pass is definitely a better deal if you can make it for both days.  The events begin around 5pm on Friday, April 4th, and end very late Saturday night...sometimes things go INTO Sunday morning.



Here is a listing of what you can enjoy at MACRoCk:

African Drum Ensemble

Alabama Thunderpussy      

An Albatross

Angry Atom          

Antibaias Afrobeat Orchestra    

Backstabbers Inc.


Black Eyes                              

Bobby Bare Jr.


Bro. Danielson                    

Burnt By The Sun



Creation is Crucifixion

Dillinger Escape Plan

DJ Redemption

Doujah Raze

Ester Drang


Guyana Punch Line



The Lot Six

Love Lost But Not Forgotten


Matt Pond PA

Me Without You

Minus the Bear

The Minus Tide



Mountain Goats

Mr. Lif

Ned Oldham

Need New Body

Of Montreal



Q and Not U



Soldiers of Jah Army


Stretch Arm Strong

The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter

The Thermals

Trailer Bride

Transistor Transistor

Victory At Sea

We Ragazzi

Wesley Willis

The Wrens



There may be more added to that list before MACRoCk is officially here...but anyway...thought I'd let everyone know...in case you might have heard of some of these "music makers"...or just want to have a music filled weekend soon.


For more info, feel free to contact me and I'll try to get your questions answered.  If you'd like to read a lil' more about the event, our school newspaper wrote an article about MACRoCk 2003, so feel free to CHECK out The Breeze.

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