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I really hate being b*tchy.  After I vent I always feel so bad, because I know that there are many other people in the world with more issues...but I am trying to stop holding stuff in...so here goes nothing.


I am SO tired of feeling unappreciated.  I'm going to avoid getting INTO specifics so as not to "upset" anyone...although I'm very close to the point that I don't really care.  This is really funny, because I always thought that if I were writing this, I'd probably be writing about my boyfriend.  Don't get me wrong, there are times where I feel extremely unappreciated when it comes to my relationship...but ultimately I know that it's just my boyfriend being himself.  It takes some prying sometimes, but I do know that he really does appreciate me and our relationship.  He can be a stubborn butt...but this entry really isn't about him, because he's not one of the people that prompted my writing this.


Feeling unappreciated is nothing new for me.  Throughout life there have always been those family members/friends/acquaintances/etc. that it seems only get around to talking to you when they want something.  Not need something, but want something.  If you need something...sure, ask me...I'll try to help to whatever extent I can.  NEED!  If you want something...and you only come to me when you want something...that just pisses me off.


Lots of people ask why I sometimes have quotations and whatnot about friends...or just random statements about how I'm not quite sure what a "real friend" is or something...in my AIM profile and such.  It's because I've honestly reached the point where I'm not really sure who my "real" friends are.  It's rather depressing to think about, in fact.  I wish that I could say "I know that person would be there for me no matter what!" about more people...but I can't.  I do have a few friends that I know are like that and I am very grateful to have them around.


You know...I was going to make this pretty long, but I'm really not up to it.  Since I can't, or rather won't, get INTO anything specific on here I think that I'd just be repeating myself too much if I keep going anyway.  I just want to sulk around my room for a while longer.  I guess I should try to study some, too.  Maybe I'll post more later.  Take care.

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You didn't HAVE to.  But I find the humor in it.http://www.dacity.com/forum/non-cgi/emoticons/naughty.gif

I, myself, appreciate her.  She's always been fun to talk to. style_emoticons/default/smile.gif

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