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Religions of the World

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Considering this IS a Religion thread, it's kind of sad that that little point hasn't even been hinted at really.  It's not really a conflict or anything, just an interesting debate topic.  

Basically, what I hope to happen is for there to be religious debates, stories, etc. going here.  You can share what religion, if any, you believe in and your takes on it.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a fairly religious person (obviously, since I'm moderating this board).  Anyway...you can share good or bad experiences and why you do or do not believe in a greater being.  Well, I'm starting to run out of ideas, but I think you get the basic gist.  Feel free to stray INTO other topics if you want.


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This is probably going to be a lenghty post. However, I'll tell a few of my beliefs in reply; Also, I hope it opens a few other people up as well. I think, lately, we've all been "caught up" with the chatroom. *grin* But, here it goes:


Honestly, I'm uncertain about a lot of things are far as religion. However, that's okay. No one is expected to figure everything out and know all the answers.

I'm very spiritual, though. I think the mind and soul consumes everyone. For example, that gut feeling you get about something and/or someone. (I'm all about the mind and soul - I'm actually trying to find ways to get to college so I can study psychology for 8 years - go the whole 9 yards, you know - and then study the physical brain - like a brain surgeon.) Seeing as how they say we only use 10% of our brain, I believe there are so many things we could do with our mind that would seem unnatural to us these days and I believe the soul to be very sacred. I think that's what makes you, you after death. It's what brings the good and bad, right and wrong out of you.


Having said that, I believe after death your soul lives - it roams. In other words, I believe in ghosts and spirits. I'll never be a 'Ghostbuster', though. *grin*

However, I believe the human body could possibly be evolved. Here's the way I see it: Monkies have 36 chromosomes, Humans have 34 chromosomes, and people with downs syndrome (This is gonna sound bad but I don't mean to be rude - just a scientific fact) have 35 chromosomes. Also, they say monkies are the closest animal to the human being.

Let's also look at it this way: A lot of people have dominant characteristics of monkies; wide noses, lots of hair other than on top of their head, big round-like ears, big mouths, etc. So, yeah, I don't doubt one bit evolution could be possible. I also believe women are more evolved than men. - No offense, Admin *grin*


As far as a higher power, I do believe in God. I have seen so many things in my life that I nor anyone could explain. I also believe in fate - everything happens for a reason, everything is all mapped out for us before we're even conceived.


I dunno about angels. Some say they're "people" we know and some say they're "people" we don't know. I think their existance could be possible but it's really hard to say.


I believe Heaven is a possibility but, if so, I don't believe people go as soon as they die.

I can't EXPLAIN it but I don't believe in heck. And if there is, I don't believe it to be a fiery pit - Souls can't feel. I don't believe a soul spends eternity pushing a boulder up a mountain either. If a soul cannot feel pain, then it'd be a breeze to push a boulder up a mountain. So, what's the big deal? I'm not saying heck is okay, though. *grin* I just can't bring myself to believe it. However, I do believe there's a satan.


I believe in Anti-Christs rising. I also believe the third one will be the real deal. I'm not sure if now is when it'll happen as there's a lot of controversy about it with war on our shoulders lately. But, if so, I'd have to say Vladmir Putin would be my first suspect. He has just about every country wrapped around his finger - including Iraq. He has a lot of power. For generations, the Soviet Union has NEVER agreed with the United States and now, all of a sudden, he's trying to help us out. When the terrorist attacks came about, he was the one always on the news joking around, shaking hands, and making speeches with President George W. Bush. At the same time, Saddam Hussein listens to every word Russia utters. Yeah, it strikes me real odd.


Hmmm. I'm not sure what else to add. Anyhow, this is a few of many thoughts.


:flirt:  - Monopolized

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Uh oh, a message FROM above.  http://www.dacity.com/forum/non-cgi/emoticons/naughty.gif

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