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Interracial Relationships


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First off...some background on why I began this topic.  I am interracial, as I think you all know.  My dad is "American" (Caucasian) and my mom is Vietnamese.  Going along with that, I have 11 interracial cousins - they are all Vietnamese-American.  Also, I am in an interracial relationship.  My boyfriend is originally FROM El Salvador.  He was adopted by a great family here in VA, and that is how he is now in the U.S. for me to torture...hehe.    :devil:


I didn't think that this topic would cause much of a stir on this forum because, thankfully, I am not communicating with ignorant people.  However, the following statement and many like it have been made throughout the years by various close-minded -and often very ignorant - people...and they have frustrated me to no end.


"whites with whites and blacks with blacks thats all there is to it!!!  stay with your own race..dont mix and match it just aint right.  half breed children??  i feel sorry for them.  why would you want to have a child and have them go through their early years or "whole life" being made fun of and beat up and shoot!!  that is just being selfish, and you fooking know it!!  why do you think god made blacks and whites and mexicans and so on snd so on.  he didnt make a halfbreeds."

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lol What a moron.


As far as that goes, I'm assuming this person you quoted is American. HAVING said that, absolutely NO American is "pure breed". lol If you know about American history, America is a whole bunch of nations combined INTO one. America was discovered, not just created out of nowhere and everyone in the rest of the world wanted to "conquer" America - we were even divided at one point in time.


Let's take me for example: I have A LOT of French blood. As a matter of fact, my last name is a region of France. I also have English, American Indian, and Irish blood.


To go even further on, when we had slaves in America, a lot of black women had babies FROM white men. Thomas Jefferson was well known for HAVING a lot of children by his slaves.


So, let people go on with their closed-minded "philosophies" (lol - I'm sorry, I got a kick out of this moron.), but it only tells me that they know absolutely nothing - wait until they find out they're part Mexican, African, Chinese, etc. That'll shut 'em up.


:flirt:  - Monopolized

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And most the time we end on a positive note.

http://www.dacity.com/forum/non-cgi/emoticons/musicalnote.gifInteresting choice of words..  Anyone bringing music INTO your life when you think about them?   :eyebrows:

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