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Religions and Beliefs


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Well said.


As I've said before, I believe many different things - not just a certain thing and go with whatever. HAVING said that, evolution has always intrigued me. And, you're right, it does make more sense. But, like I said, I do believe in God because certain things, I think, have to come FROM somewhere. Instead of just "placing humans on the earth", I believe animals were "placed" on the earth. FROM there, it evolved INTO humans. Does that make sense?

For example: There was a GROUP of kids in my art class who were discussing religion one morning. Everyone in the room could hear the conversation yet they were the only ones talking. I remember thinking "isn't she going to say something about this?", meaning the teacher. Then, suddenly, she perked up and said, "How do you know God's a man, or human? He could be a turtle." I'll never forget those words.


Religion can be a great thing-its helped pull people together in times of crisis, raise money for those in need and given aid to those who can't help themselves.

You're absolutely right. I'm not trying to talk down on certain organizations - they're not all bad.


I may elaborate more but it's nearly time for me to go to work.



- Monopolized

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I have something of a curiousity in my mind.


After hearing a song and learning more about the song and the artist, I have figured out something and it fits with this topic.


T.A.T.U. - All the things she said


The two girls in there are singing a love song - about two girls being in love with each other.  And to further it, FROM what I have been able to find, I believe it is more of a story of the two of them than anything.


Now, this song is a big hit just about everywhere, appearing on Jay Leno, Top of the Pops, and various other shows.  If there is such a 'hatred' for homosexuality, then how come there hasn't been anything major in the news about this duo being rallied against?  I am not endorsing nor condoning either side of the issue - but it would seem to me that homosexuality..  Well physically homosexuality, which isn't the important factor.  But more of inside character..  That is becoming more important, and more people are starting to ignore the phsyical body as a determining factor to a relationship.


Just thought I would offer that observation of mine to the pot and see what stirs up.

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These two girls, just recently made legal, are FROM Russia. They're a couple - yes. As a matter of fact, I heard somewhere they just had matching "Tatues" (tattoos) put on their, ya know, cheeks so they'd be together forever. (The tattoos connect with each when put together) So, yeah, I'm sure they're singing about themselves. *grin*


You've brought up a good point. I see no bad news about the two girls - or their music. However, I think the publicity mainly consist of: Here's these two young, beautiful girls kissing in their video, singing about loving another woman and getting away with it. Even in their interviews, they're all over each other.


Also, I think it's in their favor they didn't try to hide it, like Melissa Etheridge or Ellen, throughout their whole career.


Not to mention their music. I like that one song I've heard by them. But, personally, it's not really my kind of music.


Either way, I think the media is feeding off the fact most men like these two young girls who aren't afraid to hide anything. Not to mention, they wear school-girl outfits in their video - that also adds sex appeal - and young girls, with their experimental minds, can relate to or "capture" them.


I also think being Russian plays a part in people not protesting against them. I think if they were American, people would have something to say about these underage lesbians dressing in school girl outfits and kissing on national television. But, since they're not, it's no big deal. Especially since we're trying to get on Russia's "good side" these days. *grin* But, like a lot of bands, I think they'll only be able to tour certain places in the U.S. For example, I don't see the southern states booking them - except maybe in Atlanta and places in Florida.


Either way, I don't think they could go wrong one way or the other, unless they get INTO serious trouble with the law.


:flirt: - Monopolized

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