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Okay, SOMEONE, and I'm not naming an names, but his initials are ADMIN, has been on me since Sunday for working with what I perceived to be a cold.  I'd said I thought it may have been strep throat, but my throat didn't hurt enough for that to be it.  The only reason I thought that was that a co-worker DID work with strep throat.  (And we work in a restaurant, that's a no no)  Anyway, back to the prob:

I perceived this minor ailment to be a cold.  Two days later, that's today, I'm still sick.  Actually, worse.  I've also worked the last 2 days as I haven't been able to get to the doctor.  Here's where the conflict of right and wrong comes in.  It's a very fine line.  Was it right to work thinking I had a cold as I hadn't gotten to the doctor or something and keep my commitment, or would it have been right to call out on Sunday without HAVING been to the doctor, leaving them short handed and breaking that commitment?  We're strictly talking Sunday, when I didn't feel REAL sick.  I've since gotten worse but continued to work because I haven't had a chance to get to the doc to find out what's wrong.  I am going tomorrow; however, and will take it FROM there.

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