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Hello everyone and welcome! I'm "Monopolized" and I'll be your moderator. :eyebrows:


Now, I'm not a power-tripping, stuck-up person; however, there are a few guidelines to follow when posting:


As this forum is designed for your thoughts, feelings, concerns, confusion, advice, etc., we at the dacity.com Forums would like topics and messages to stay along these lines. Therefore, the use of this forum in an ill manner will result in message deletion. When posting a message, please keep in mind the terms of agreement when first joining.


Having said that, I'd like to ask that no pornographic material, vulgarity, cybersex, slander, links to another site in which only serves the purpose of promoting another website/company and/or "misleading" advertisement.


As a remind, once again, this is a family oriented forum. We'd like to keep it this way. All violators will be forced to be my maid for all eternity. *grin*


There will, however, be adult messages posted. I'd like them to remain adult - no going off the deep end and elaborating more than is wanted, needed, and/or allowed.


Once again, I'd like to welcome you all and I'm eager to meet each and every one of you.




:flirt:   (That fits me to a T - I love it *grin*)

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