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For my 40th post I will whine a little bit more...


Men can really be frustrating!  Everyone is always complaining about how difficult women make life...but I'm sorry...men can make life just as difficult.


I love my boyfriend...a lot...but he can make life quite difficult at times.  This is the point in which he would typically say "So leave me..."...that's one of his favorite things to say.  He knows I won't...because I do love him...and I wouldn't leave him over petty stuff.  I'm trying to reduce the amount of petty crap that bothers me...I need to not let so many little things about life bother me...but it's hard.  Hopefully I'll get over it...but until then, he'll continue with the "So leave me..."s.


I couldn't begin to tell you any one specific thing that irks my nerves the most.  I can tell you that the boy knows how to push my buttons.  He can say just a word or two and get me riled up making me want to give him a good swift kick in the rear...and I guess my best bet would be to not let those things bother me.  Then he couldn't use them to get me all fired up for one of our little fights.  Of course typically our "fights" end up being a string of e-mails or phone calls in which we just make fun of each other until we're both "smiles" again.


And then there's the friendship or whatever you want to call it that he has with his ex-girlfriend.  I don't get it.  I'm not threatened by her necessarily...I don't think he'd cheat on me or leave me for her...but I feel that since they had so much time together in the past, he feels more comfortable talking to her about whatever, then he does with me.  I want him to be comfortable talking to me about any and everything.  Sometimes he does, but it's rare.  And at times I feel like she uses him too much.  I feel that he's too nice to her sometimes.  She has a boyfriend...she should call on her boyfriend, NOT mine if she needs something.  Granted my boyfriend lives pretty close to her...and FROM what I've heard...her boyfriend has some issues...but that doesn't mean that she should expect my boyfriend to be at her beck and call.  She's a nice girl and all, but I think she's is in my boyfriend's life much more than she should be.


My boyfriend will probably be super pissed if he sees this or hears about this...so hopefully he won't...but I have a right to my opinion...and I have expressed my concern to him on all of these topics, so I guess it shouldn't really matter.  I don't think he much likes my expressing my opinion to others, though.  But it's all good...it's not like I don't get advice and stuff FROM people about these things already.


That's all for now...I have a headache.   :hmph:

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