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What a day...


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I can not express how glad I am that today is over.  I swear this was one of the longest days ever.  I'll run through the day, but I'll be sure to try to keep it short unlike the last entry.


I had to drag my butt out of bed well before 7am.  My intention was to take the bus to campus this morning because my car was still blocked in...and I even left so that I could make it to the bus stop "on-time."  However, as luck would have it, there was black ice everywhere and walking to the bus stop wasn't particularly easy.  So, as I'm approaching guess what happens?  Yep...the bus is there...and then it is pulling away.  Sorry, but I'd rather risk not getting to campus then to fall on my face in the parking lot.  Of course, knowing that I SHOULD get to campus, I see a girl getting INTO her still-warming-up car...so I just walk up, ask if she's headed to campus, and when she says yes, I ask for a ride.  


This is one thing I love about my school.  While occasionally you'll get a "what the heck do you want?" look FROM people when you randomly approach them, I've found that 9 times out of 10 people will help you.  Surprisingly they'll help even if helping means going way out of their way.  Luckily for me I didn't feel too guilty because she was driving through campus and I could just hop out of the car real quick adding only a minute or two to her normal morning commute.


*I just realized that this really isn't going to be a short entry at all...sorry!*


Anyway...so I have my Marketing Database Development class at 8am.  Hooray.  I don't do well with computers in general...8am can make it painful.  Thankfully MS Access isn't THAT difficult to work through...it's just hard when you're half asleep and you're trying to listen to your professor chatter on while trying to work through the examples that he posts.  Then it is straight FROM that computer lab in my "lovely" former home (my dorm FROM last year is where I have that fun class) and off to the business building's computer lab to work on a homework assignment for that same fun class...and that homework assignment took much longer than expected.  We finished about 2 minutes before our next class.  So we sprint down the stairs to get to our 11am class.  More fun.  Integrated Marketing Communications...yum.  A whole lot of talk about Nike, Nike objectives, and objectives in general.  And then ANOTHER blah assignment.  And then another sprint...however this time it was across campus.  Time for my fun General Education science class.  Nothing exciting here.  Protons, neutrons, electrons, H, He, Pb, other elements...I guess you get the point.  FINALLY I get to come home...intended to come home, eat lunch, pay bills, write a CHECK for rent, mail bills, and find a shovel to dig my car out once and for all.  The lunch was easy to take care of.  Paying the bills and rent was painful, but I'll get over it.  Mailing the bills...simple.  Finding a shovel...yeah...that wasn't happening.


One of the managers of the apartment complex:

"I'm sorry...we loaned out 7 shovels over the weekend and we only received 2 back, and we can't loan those out, because our maintence people need time."


Okay you bastards...return the freaking shovels!  Wal-mart is sold out.  Lowe's is SOLD OUT.  You all suck.  Thankfully I don't have class tomorrow, right?


Well...I do have to go to campus, because I have to DROP off a homework assignment.  What a pain!  My professor really needs to stop thinking that just because we have a day or two between classes that means LOAD on the homework assignments.  From what I recall in the syllabus it says something about homework not being collected everyday.  It is collected every class...and it's AWFUL.  My night has been filled with homework assignments...which I finished just before deciding to write this.  Don't ya'll feel special?  Does anyone even really read all this mess?  I know L-Train does since she asked about this...


Anyway...I dunno...I think I've rambled on long enough with this one for now.  I'm going to go sit and hope that next Saturday's party turns out well...



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