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Was I the only who got to see that last episode?


Piper had a boy!


Now what could they name him, paricularly if they keep with the P traditon? Penelope (Grams) Patricia (Mom) Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige are already taken..and are girls names.


Peter? Paul? Phoneix? Pete?


hmm any ideas? :hmm:

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She had her baby?!  I missed it because my boyfriend was in town and he makes fun of the show.     style_emoticons/default/tear2.gif   And how could she have a boy?  In their whole "going to the future" episode she had a little girl.  What's going on with that??


Could be Patrick...that's a "P" and would relate to mom?

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You know I forgot about that episode...


Perhaps the little girl was her second child? and her son was with someone else at the time?


I think they wanted a bit of a surpise-you really gotta find out when it repeats, it was a good episode!


Patrick would work, but Piper tends to do her own thing (my favourite of the sisters btw) I can't wait til next Sunday.

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