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Isn't this thrilling?!


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Hi!  Well, this will be my first little "journal entry" officially made here.  I apologize in advance if I bore you.  My life is busy...but I think I'm making myself believe I am more busy than I REALLY am.  You see...since about 10am this past Friday, the 14th, the no-so-loved at times Valentine's Day...I have pretty much been a complete and utter bum!  Let me lay-out my "exciting" weekend for you...



9 am - Class...nothing fun to tell you about here.

10ish am - Come back to the apartment...find a dozen roses FROM my honey(big thing...it was the first time he's given me flowers...and we've been together over a year and a half)...sat around on my bum for way too long and did a whole lot of nothing except doze in and out of sleep and watch tv.  "Regis and Kelly" right now

11 am - Sleepiness/AIM Chatting/Web browsing

12 pm - TLC's "A Makeover Story"

1 pm until 3pm - Various shows on TNT

3 pm - "Dr. Phil," NBC

4 pm - TLC's "Trading Spaces"

5 pm - TLC's "While You Were Out"

6 pm - "Charmed" on TNT

7 pm - Periodically talking to my grumpy boyfriend on his drive through the ickniess to see his girl on V-day and goofing off with the roomies.

8ish pm - Grumpy boyfriend finally shows up and wants pizza.  Because I'm a good girlfriend and a MINDREADER.  I had oven pre-heating.

9 pm - Went next door and harassed the boys.

10 pm - Ran out INTO the snow like dorks.

11 pm until bedtime - Sat around goofing with roomies and boyfriend.



2 pm until 3 pm - Boyfriend and I finally drag our butts out of bed...sort of...in actuality we're awake, but refuse to get up.

4 pm - Roomies finally drag THEIR butts out of bed.

5 pm - Everyone piles INTO my car and we brave the icky weather to go to the mall.  Nothing fun here...a lot of the stores closed early because of the bad weather and soon enough we were on our way back to the apartment.

7 pm - Dinner time.

8 pm - My boyfriend and I venture out to his truck to put chunks of ice in it to weigh it down for what we thought would be his return trip home on Sunday.  He slipped on the ice and fell...and I, on a "daring" jump down the stairs ended up falling INTO the snow later on as well.  Then Lauren came outside and the three of us tried to beat each other up and knock the others INTO the snow...face first, preferably.

9 pm - The girls took off next door to party and my boyfriend and I sat around like "old" people watching tv...then again he is "old" so I guess that makes sense.

Laziness for the remainder of the night.



10 am - Wake up...look outside...20 inches of snow...back to bed.  My boyfriend...by the way, his name is Wayne...I'm sorta tired of typing "my boyfriend"...is not returning home today.  Good thing he had off of work on Monday for President's Day.

12 pm until 5 pm - Finally get up in time for the Daytona 500.  This day was, in all ways possible a bummy day.

The snow didn't particularly allow for much.  It wasn't even good for sledding or snowballs!  Check it out on my roommate Lauren's little last minute site...http://www.geocities.com/6lola9/lola  The snow really messed up the cable and the race kept blinking in and out.  Wayne and Lauren were very frustrated.  I didn't care...I just fell asleep on the floor cuddled under my blanket.

6ish pm - Made dinner.

7 pm - Did not feel well.

8 pm - Passed out in bed...

9:30 pm - Roomies and Wayne ventured next door back INTO party world...(yes, I gave him "permission" to go...all I was doing was sleeping...BORING!)

10 PM - Watched TV for a while...finally got up and made myself presentable.

11 pm until 1 am - Ventured next door myself...witness a couple of people drinking legally...watched a whole lot of people drinking illegally.




10 am - Helped Wayne dig out his truck...went to the gas station.

11:30 am - Lunch.

12:30 pm - Bu-bye, Honey...drive safely.

The remainder of the day...nothing.

Just calling to CHECK on Wayne to make sure he was still alive.


And THAT was my thrilling weekend.


And yesterday was a whole lot of nothing as well.


Today I, *gasp*, took the bus to class.  In actuality it wasn't so bad...I think I'll start doing that on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays FROM now on.  I hate trying to find parking on campus.  Went to class and it was a good class...as usual...and then my professor told us that we don't have class on Friday.  He's the greatest.  Two days of classes for me this week.  I'm liking that...A LOT.  Of course tomorrow is a long day and I'll be grumpy, but after 2pm tomorrow I'll be a happy camper.


Other than school I am attempting to plan my birthday party.  It's the Saturday after this one.  March 1st.  I'll be 21, so we want to have a decently large party.  It should be fun, since we haven't thrown a party since September...for my other roommate, Richelle.  And Now I'm going to end this, because it's ridiculously long.  More to come later....

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