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This is FROM Monday...I wrote this in another Journal and just did a copy/paste...because I know how interesting you'll find my life.  Ok, not really...


There is way too much snow around here right now. I haven't seen this much snow in years...since like freshman or sophomore year of high school I think. The snow is piled up so high outside of my bedroom window that the snow has literally gone through the window screen and is right up against my actual window. If I open it, I'll get a nice little pile of snow in my room. The joys of living on the first floor.


And right when you think it has finally stopped snowing, it starts up again. The good part of it all? School was cancelled today, and they've already announced that school is closed tomorrow. Of course, it didn't really matter much to me anyway, because I don't mind my MWF class, and I wouldn't have had school tomorrow anyway.


It is getting boring sitting around the apartment. I've pretty much only gone outside to take pictures of the snow and to laugh at the people that fall on their asses while being goofy in the snow. I'm even bored writing this, so for now this is the end.


Expect more updates soon...I don't really have anything better to do.

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