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I love "Charmed"


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I didn't say all my love goes to "Charmed" and only "Charmed!"


I love my boyfriend...a lot.  And maybe one day he'll stop being a punk, I'll graduate(well I KNOW that will happen next year), he'll be the bestest, and I'll marry him.  But it's 2 years or more too soon for that right about now.  Of course 2 years is a long time for him.  Oh, the dilemma...hehehe.


And I love my roomies and the boys next door..


And I love my cat, my dog, and my poor lil' unnamed hamster(yoda, chewie)...and Becky's cat and dog(kitters and monte)...and Lauren's cat-our apartment cat(dutchess)...and my grandma's cat(bootsie)...


And I love my momma, my daddy, my jerk of a lil' brother, my 40+ cousins, my grandparents, and my friends...


And so on and so forth...

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