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Okay, one slight hitch.  EVERYONE has to post in green in here.  Get it?  hehehe

Anyway...I have a very serious question to ask.

What ever happened to the Budweiser frogs?  And for that matter, when's the last time someone's seen a Budweiser commercial?  Not Bud Light, just Budweiser?

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Seeing how I only watch tv for Leno or Charmed, (or the occisonal J.A.G.) I can't say that I have seen either...


The Bud Frogs prolly had a x number of commericals contract. (can you tell I just go out of algebra?)


Just wondering...doesn't this violate your own rules?


SoBeLiz fluffs the rat while in here
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I would like to state first, that this is all opinon(which I guess is obvious, but I thought I'd state it anyway), and I do not feel that I "know all" just because I major in marketing...but...


As a marketing major, and because we had a RIDICULOUSLY long discussion last week about Budweiser in my Marketing Communications class...I feel that the frogs were removed because they were ultimately seen as targeting a market under the legal drinking age.  Sure, people of all ages got a kick out of them...at least for a little while...however, as "Joe Camel" was accused of being created to appeal to those under 18 because he was a cartoon,I feel that if Budweiser wasn't already HAVING fingers pointed at them(which they in fact were, as seen at http://www.cnn.com/US/9703/06/smoking.online/), then it was bound to happen...and they became wise to that fact and retired our froggy friends.


As far as Budweiser commercials go, I have seen quite a few.  Just watch some good ol' Nascar on the weekends.  If you watched the Bud Shootout two weekends ago, you would've seen enough Bud commercials to last you the rest of the year.  And the Daytona 500 had a couple.


I would like to state, for the record, that I do not religiously watch Nascar.  My boyfriend has "dragged" me INTO watching it.  Also, one of my roommates watches on occasion because Elliot and Hermie Sadler(both racecar drivers and brothers, for those of you that don't know...) are FROM her home town...and she used to/does babysit for them on occasion...and just hangs out with them.  And, when I have time and the jobs are available I try to get modeling gigs...and my first was for a Nascar event.  Let me tell you...Nascar events are in all honesty fun, fun, fun events to work.  So I have nothing against Nascar...and I am not the biggest Nascar fan in the world...but it can be a good time.


Lastly, I would like to say...SoBeLiz...you rock!  No one I know watches "Charmed"...they're like "what in the world are you talking about?"  Of course I get a positive response FROM guys when I EXPLAIN who is on the cast...and that they are more often than not scantily clad.  But...I just recently(within the last 2 years) became "addicted" to "Charmed."  I love it.


And now, I believe I am done rambling.  Thanks for your attention.  

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:yeahdude: Thanks... woohoo another charmed fan...why are they so hard to come by? I like NASCAR too, provided that I am not forced to watch it, or have to endure the hooting of any easily excited males when a car has the misfortune to crash.


Good point about the bud frogs...what kid does not know of them and who they represent?  One little boy I used to babysit used to run around ribbeting and yelling bud-weis-er. Maybe it was a good idea that they took an early retirement. Besides, if they were still running wouldn't we all be sick of them by now? Ok I'm done i think

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