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[OLD]Rules of Riddles


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Following fluffyrat's example (sorry about the fluffing there buddy) I thought I would lay some ground rules:


1. No swearing-be more creative than that please-it''s boring.

2. No dissing other people because of their answer-it's rude.

3. I don't care if you get a lil off topic...I do that myself...but try to keep it somewhat related.

4. Nothing crude in here please, I believe thats what the bathroom humour board is for.

5. Do not, I repeat, do not be mean to anyone in here, there is no need, I don't mind a little good natured ribbing or picking, but nothing mean.


And above all, enjoy yourself and tease your brain some.

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Since our Overlord did a little "research" I had to reopen this one and make an admendment to my rules...


6. NO CHEATING! Telling others the answers,looking them up on the internet/in books is cheating! You are supposed to be figuring these out for yourself...exercising your brain... and if you deciede to cheat anyway don't be a dork and post all the answers. Give others a chance.


SoBeLiz wanders off grumbling to self
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