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Okay...I've been being jumped on to do this, so I figure I better get to it.  Please don't cuss.  

There are only a few rules.  (And you'd BETTER follow them)


1. Don't curse

2. Don't use HIS name in vain

3. Don't use crude humor

4. Mindless gobble doesn't offend me, it's just a waste of space that could be being used to discuss the meaning of life, so none of that either.  (Mindless gobble I mean)

5. Make use of the board.  If you have an opinion voice it.  Don't be afraid.  No one is more comfortable with this topic than I am.  At least, I am with strangers.  But I'm doing it because I kind of fell INTO the position.


That's it.  Oh yeah, one more...



Thanks and have fun.

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Okay, I must make an ammendment to these rules, as a very close friend pointed out that if I post about one thing in particular I'll be violating my rules.  Here's the final rule, for now anyway.  

Though off topic, frog discussions are ALWAYS allowed.   style_emoticons/default/nod.gif

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