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[OLD]a joke


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one day a lady is walking by a pet store, as she passes the window a parot in the windows says " arnk- hey lady, you're real fucking ugly!" the lady is appalled but continues walking to work. on her way back passing the same pet store, the bird goes "arnk-hey lady, you're real fucking ugly!" pissed , the lady walks INTO the store demands to speak to the owner. she tells the owner that the parot has been insulting her and she will not have it! the owner says " ok lady, i'll talk to him, he won't do that again."

"he'd better not" the lady said as she stormed out of the pet store. the next day, she walked past the same pet store, and the parot said "arnk-hey, lady?" and she stopped and said "what?"

the parot looked at her and nodded it's head and said "you know."

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