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Ok depending on how it's used and how much trouble it presents, I may keep this going, but as a trial to see what it's like, I have installed a script that allows people to sign up to have their own web-page on my site.


Here's the catch - I have set it to allow everyone only 128k of space.  Why so little?  Well, the idea is for everyone to be able to sign up to create one or two pages with information, and be able to upload at least one picture.  (Depending on the size of the picture, you might be able to upload a few of them).


If this gets abused, it'll be removed.  Or if it presents other problems that make it not worth having, it'll get removed.  But if it's used properly and doesn't cause too many problems, then it'll stay style_emoticons/default/smile.gif


So be sure to sign up, and then in your profile you can put the URL to your page!  (And in your page, if you have a main website, you can always include a link to get there).


As a note though, when you sign up you will need to contact me to activate your account.  (Reasons for this is simple - prevent someone FROM making a bunch of accounts to have more space, create phony accounts, etc).


Anyway have fun and sign up today...  I mean..  NOW!  style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif



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