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Favorite Star Wars movie


Favorite Star Wars movie  

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Well...like it or not, Star Wars is an integral part of our society...Nearly everyone knows who Darth Vader is, and that Natalie Portman is some queen or another.


So now I ask you, What is your favorite of the bunch? Why?


The Empire Strikes Back is mine. When I saw it on video when I was 4, I fell in love. Han and Leia falling in love, plus Yo-dawg..well...heh heh heh. It started a lifelong obsession.

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First two movies were "A New Hope" and "Empire Strikes Back"



A New Hope - good in itself and if it had been the only movie, it would have been just fine since it seemed to close up everything well enough to not require additional movies, but left it open enough that a sequels (and now prequels) were of no surprise.


Empire Strikes Back - an excellant sequel, as it expands the Star Wars universe and introduces more past history and future drama, leaving more room for more story lines and showing that the good guys don't ALWAYS win.


Return of the Jedi - an excellant closing to the entire storyline, while still leaving room for more movies afterwards. And with the information given, it leaves plenty to make prequels for but without making it required, only desired.


The Phantom Menace - Given that George Lucas said that the first 3 chapters in the Star Wars storyline wouldn't be as exciting (that's why it started with part 4), I knew not to expect things to be the way they were in part 4. I liked episode 1 quite a bit, as it introduces the Star Wars universe as though it was the first movie made, and shows things during a happy time before things started going downhill, but also where it's the beginning of the turning point. There are also some similarities to it's "First of three" counterpart, A New Hope, such as the ceremony at the end where there was a shared look of fondness between the main female character and the main male character. (It should also be noted that this, to me, when combined with the knowledge of all the movies thus far, and the upcoming final movie, brings to light that the Star Wars movies are really like a biography of Anakin "Darth Vader" Skywalker).


Attack of the Clones - Wonderfully done as it answers some questions such as where the storm troopers come from and the planning of the Death Star. It also compliments it's counterpart, Empire Strikes Back, in that the bad guys actually won this round, the love story between two main characters, a hand being lost/replaced and the active introduction of the Fett character.


A little more than a year to go from now until the final (known) movie is to be released. I am looking forward to seeing Anakin being converted to the infamous Darth Vader.


It's amusing that there is some humor that reflects true life that comes from the movies, such as referring to someone gone bad as having 'gone to the dark side' and some value lessons for real life.

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