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Ok so welcome all you Sailor Moon fans! I just wanted to make a lil post to introduce myself and set out a few rules.


So here we go, I am Akasha as you can all see, and I am a huge Sailor Moon fan, I have a huge collection of stuff and have been collecting and watching Sailor Moon for 7 or 8 years.


Rules lets see...........


1. There is always the no smut rule!


2. Please keep the topics on topic, this is about Sailor Moon and thats really it, things related to it are fine but nothing really off base.


3. Love to see pics and farart but please don't post links of pic that are of an adult nature, We all know they are out there!


4. Have lots of fun and enjoy the Sailor Moon'ness


now my brain hurts to much to think of anything else right now but if I do come up with anything I will add it to the above rules.

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