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Just a dream


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I wait outside,

He follows me,

he watches me,

he knows everything about me,

This shadow shows me whats going to happen,

soon in the future that follows,


I walk into school,

just another ordinary day,

just another ordinary thought that i think as i unload my locker,

i look across the hall,

his eyes are piercing towards me,


He takes out a gun,

so many things go through my mind,

whats going on...just give me a sign,

I think only what i wish to let u know,


Mom, Dad...i know its hard to let go,

Grama Grampa,

please don't worry,

tell my best friend that , that fight was nothing,

and to not be sorry,

Tell my boyfriend that it was more than a crush...

more than just lust...

tell my aunts that it was bound to happen,

and that we all go someday,

and that i mean more than what i can just write than be able to say,

tell all of my uncles

that time will go on,

and all of my cousins that I will always love them,

I love all of my family,

as to all of my friends,

by the moment that u read this,

my time will have came to all ends...


The trigger is now pulled..

he runs from the seen,

the last sight i saw,

was his eyes see the blood and gleam,


I'm always watching all of you from above,

and i can't contain these feelings,

because i can't contain love...

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