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slip away


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And all i remember

Was our worst and finest days

You filled me with hope

I filled you with praise

You made laugh

Then those days you made me cry

You made me remember

With you theres no "good-bye"

Do you recall

Those long talks we had

Being with you was all that we I had

Then there was that movie

You said "that you loved it"

I remember asking why

You said it proved somethings just dont work out

No matter how hard you try

That in the end

He just had to walk away

What happened to "i'll never do that...not to you"

You say its for the best

Nothings "final"

Its just the right thing to do

You better not forget me

I wont forget you

All you could do was hear me cry

All he could do was hear her sob

I sware i'll think of you EVERYDAY

You dont apresiate what you have

Until you let it slip away

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