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Ok first of all I'll tell you things you don't know. 1. I'm obsessed with Acting/Singing 2. My 2 ex-friends are evil and 3. My life is complicated.


Today is thrusday and I'm totally angry. My mom is sick and I missed 3 good things. 1. Drama club (we were finding out what part we got.) 2. Winter Concert (school) and 3. Winter Concert (evening). I was basiclly bored today. The only thing I really liked was, I didn't have to see Briah's evil ugly face, didn't have to deal with Ajee, unlimmted movies and video games, free acess to the 'fridge and privacy. Did I mention no homework? I'm gonna be home also tomarrow so I'll have a 4 day weekend. THAT rocks. Hopefully tomarrow is a lil bit interesng. Or maybe not. Not going to school is a big relief to me because the Trouble Double (or TD) will attack. They spead rumors tell lies to hurt me and they are jealous that I'm stil happy, even though they want me to be misserble. If I gt the drama part as Dafina they'll be soooo mad!!!! It kinda makes me smile because the guy who is doing Drama Club said i have a 99.9 percent that I'll get that part. The only thing that is the .1 part is my health teacher. But that I'll explain later. Anyway I think I blabbed enough. I'm out. :blah:

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