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Ironies of life...


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If you ever have to sign yourself into a weight-loss clinic, make sure it's not surrounded nor directly next to/across from a food place of any kind. What's the point of paying money to try to lose weight if you can step outside and have your choice of pizza, burgers or some other fattening food to eat? :D This also includes going to AA meetings held near ABC or other alcohol type businesses (like bars) or drug rehab near a pharmacy or known drug dealing locations.


Try to avoid buying a car from a dealer who is within 500 feet of a mechanic/shop or within 1000 feet of 2 or more mechanics/shops. Might not be anything wrong with the cars being sold, but it is a bit concerning.


When getting spam emails that have that link to click to be removed from the mailing list.. Think, do you REALLY want to click it? Seriously, if you do, odds are you'll find yourself loaded down with even more emails. :)


Speaking of emails.. Girls, avoid places that try to sell you penis-enlargement products for your womans pleasure. Odd are, it won't work for you. Guys, being serious here, I know how much some of you like breasts - but do NOT go trying to enlarge your own, contrary to your belief, it won't get you more "action".


ok... anyone else have real life ironies? (Please don't include dumb ones like "driving on a parkway and parking on a driveway")

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