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Im siiiiiiick of this...i do enough sports. So why should i listen to some1 else riiight?Well my mom thinks otherwise.She thought i should try out boxing.So i did.I was good at it too!-.- But of coarse something bad had to happen.I had my first game and It all started when i was up against this kid Joey.

Well Joey had became my "pal" b4 the game.He went 2 hours early to prep up, as did he. We both started talking while hitting the bags.Then flirting developed.We both sat down 4 water and talked.THEN he started rubbing my knee.Thats how it all began to faaaaaaallll down!I dug into it!Like the Stuid [rear end] i am i fed into it!

Once the list on who we were going up against during the 2 rounds per person, he was my second person.I froze. I just FROZE.He started laughing w/ his pals about how he totally controls me.And that i'll stop cause he thinks that i think we're in a relashion ship. That LOSER had no idea my bf would be at that match.

So i beat Cassie the first half.EeEesy.Then Joey...Well he fed into it alright.While fighing blow after blow i gave him he started slamming my head OVER and OVER and OVER.Then once i was down struggling to get outhe hovered over me rubbed my knee again, (making it look w/ his other hand that he was helping me up to continue the round) and winked. that JEEERK!When he was helping me up i head banged him then kneed him in the balls and got disqualified -.-

Then after all that my bf comforted me on my loss. Then when up, yelled at Joey, then punched him right on the side of the eye.It wa needed to be done :D


Well..thought i would just share that...

~the cheese has spoken~


Admin has spoken too, removed profanity.

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