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dear wolfie



:gasp: my friends friends r all cutting therselves and my friend feels responsible. She did it once due to severe depression and her friends imitated her and dont understand the seriousness of it all. Myy friend feels sick and worried thinking every night one of her friends could take it to far.

She's tried to explain the situation to her friends but they dont listen

she's going to have to resort to telling their parents soon because of the state she's getting in because of all this.

Is there anything else she can do?

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Dear Wolfie,


There's this guy who imed me the other night. He wants me to run away to TN and find him.

He claims he wants to see me and protect me. That he'll protect me with his LIFE. He keeps trying to get me

to run away and stuff. He claims that someone hired him to scare me and then kill me but then he found out about some of my past. He came attached to me, and doesn't want me to get hurt. If this person should ever try and strike again(and get someone to do something to me). He seems nice, but I've been going through his lies and finding out MORE about who this person was, that gave him my sn and told him my first name and about my sister. I wouldn't tell him which city I lived in but then he went and told me which city he lived in. I have a pretty good ideal of what his name is(first name). He's left clues and claims he wishes to guide me. What should I do?



Wondering and Curious Child


:popcorn: :huh: :popcorn:

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I have younger sisters and if I found out they were willing to run away with some dude they did not know I would be the first one to call the cops on the perv this is just crazy if you are for real I do not tend to believe everything I read on a forum.


Sad how some people go out of their way to be a statistic really I have no further comments.

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