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Im not sure..


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There I am,

still waiting for you,

waiting for you to kiss me,

it's been so many years...

do you miss me?

Because i know its u and me, the love of us two,

because when i put my hand on my heart,

i KNOW theres not just me but you,

plans for two..

Plans to someday hold your hand,

play footsies in the warm beach sand,

the hardest obsticles together we'll go through,

not plans for one but two...

I know what i said..

REALLY hurts,

and that whatever i say means nothing,

but I want you to know, that our love wasn't just lust,

It was you and me,

our pure loving trust,

and i know that it won't help if i say "I love you"

But its so hard to stop

when ur saying whats true!

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