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Your stupid lies

You look at me w/ such iniocent eyes

Yet its taken me this long to realize

You stand out from most guys


Its the things you do

The words you say

The kisses I feel

That got me this way

Its the smiles you flash

Its the secrets you stash

And how you get all of my feeling

To somehow clash


Maybe this is the start of more than I can handle

Building up to more than lust

I need to spend all this time with you

Your the one I trust

I cant let you go

And your skin on mine

Is now a must


To bad I see how this is ganna unfold

Just another crash-and-burn

Shes waiting in line to get her heart mended

Dont you hate to wait your turn?

We've been here far to long

What titles left to earn?


So tell me boy

Whats goin on

Its time to fill me in

Im starting to think

Your blowing my mind

Lets let this crazy game begin

Come on lets start

Stop scibbling on my heart

With every disapointment

Your taring me apart


And mascara never looked so great on anyones pale cheeks

Im for real

Im not porcilen

Not a stupid antique

But you still have to treat me good

Just like you should

here we are again with tears falling

But crying is over rated

In her pool of tears he stood

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