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If you had 3 Wishes


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1. Unlimited wishes for as long as I live (and only I can cancel this wish)

2. Ability to actually make wishes (ie, can't be killed, coma'd, etc)

3. Live forever

4. (Unlimited wishes, remember?) - For you to never be able to make another wish in your life

5. For your wishes to be reversed. :)

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If I had three wishes..


1) I'd ask that my parents would find peace with themselves so that they might get along and finally be happy. Despite our differences I can't ever recall either of them being happy for long. And everyone deserves that.


2) I'd ask that my sister would find herself and reach self understanding. She would then realize she does not to need to prove herself to the world. Only to herself.


3) I'd ask that the love of my life would find peace with himself too. I just want him happy. It doesn't have to be with me. Just as long as he's happy.


Now that I think about it.. thats just one wish. Happiness for those around me.


But thats all I want.

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