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DEAR ABBY: I'm 11 and in sixth grade. I recently caught a girl in my class copying off my paper. When I asked her not to, she denied doing it. The next day, she started copying down my answers word for word. This time, I asked her if she would like to pair up and work together. She sneered at me and told me to get my "help" from the teacher.


I told the teacher then, and the teacher replied, "She is having trouble with her work and personal problems at home. Just imagine if this math was hard for you."


The girl has ADHD. Should I continue to let this girl copy me? -- STUDENT IN PHOENIX


DEAR STUDENT: No, you should not. Because if you do, a girl who is already having trouble with math will never learn how to solve the problems herself.


P.S. It was nice of you to volunteer to help by pairing up with her. But this girl has bigger problems than you are equipped to cope with.

What?!? No! That teacher should be reported. What that teacher is doing is delivering the message that it's ok to cheat. I've gone through subjects that are hard to understand, but it's not going to help me to understand it if the answers are given to me. Seeing a few problems with some of the answers, along with a few examples of how to get those answers, yes I can learn from that. But just copying the answers? No. If that's going to be the case, why even bother having that girl do the work to begin with?


"Abby" should have said to talk with the teacher and point out that it's not helping the girl to let her copy off of others. If the teacher does anything short of the right thing, then that teacher should be reported immediately. Problems are home are no excuse to let a student cheat. It's what makes people stupid and what makes them do stupid things, like giving poor advice.

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