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I've been wanting to mention this and thought I'd test out a new forum idea...


Anyways, here goes..


My local grocery store will put milk that is nearing the sell-by date on sale, anywhere from $0.50 to $1.50, I guess depending on the mood they are in and all, and this is for the whole gallon (they do the same for the half gallons too). With this in mind, I have devised a way to get maximum value from this design.


Whenever possible I grab the milk that has been reduced in price (if none are labelled but some are dated for that same day, then I try to get hold of a manager who then reduces it for me). If there are no other choices, then I grab the milk with the latest date on it (so if it's the first of the month and there are dates ranging from the 4th to the 9th, I grab one marked for the 9th). If there are some marked, then I usually grab one with that days date on it (unless I have some milk already then I grab one with a day extra on it). If I need to grab two, I grab one for that day (sell by date is that day) and another on sale but with more time on it.


What's the logic behind all this madness? I'm glad you asked..


If I can't get the milk on sale, then I grab the latested dated one as a form of future planning. Namely, if everyone were to always buy the one with the latest date on it, then eventually, the sell by dates would catch up and the milks reduced in price. :) Then that's when I go in for the kill of saving some money. But when it's on sale, I grab the earliest one because I don't want the store to lose money (and if they don't sell all of the milks by the end of the day, then they have to take those off the shelf). So I grab the earliest since the others that have a day or two left will still likely net the store some money.


Why not grab the latest on sale milk? Simple. Like I said, don't want the store to lose money over it. If I'm going to pay $1 for a gallon of milk and drink it before it can go bad, then why get the latest dated milk? One way, store makes money and doesn't suffer from the deal, the other way it builds onto it's long term cost. Either way, I get milk for a reduced rate and it's all gone before it can go bad. Only if I'm going to buy 2 gallons do I get the earliest and the latest dated milk. Because since I'm going to have to get milk again anyway, may as well save the money while I can by getting it a few days early.


Just a simple way of saving some money. (A gallon of milk costs $2.85 here, so getting it for $1 is a great deal obviously). It's legal and hopefully helpful to others.


Oh, and for anyone who thinks its ok to dent a can and then ask for a discount on it because it's damaged - that's just wrong. If you come across a dented can that you had nothing to do with it's damage (including having someone else do it for you), then that's one thing, but to purposely damage a product to get a discount is wrong morally and depending on where you live and what you damage, you could go to jail for it.


I like the idea of planning out things to save money, but only by rules that are legal.


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