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2 Intense poems


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The key is missing

Without it i cant open the true secrets

Of you

You are mysterious sly and secretive

I want know who you are

Your face pitch black and your eyes match

The color of nothing

I feel your lips

Gentle but rough

I feel your hand

Smooth but ashy

I can see you in my head

But not in real life

It seems I know you,

But I dont.



A knife ripping my soul

Blood tearing down from my heart

My eyes close tightly and my hand

gripped around your arm

You are leaving me

In the dirt

You said you hate me

But you dont

You said you loved me

And you do

But you arent the one who is hurt

I am.

I was framed by other woman

Who was jealous of me

You wont listen to my voice

Calling in the wind

The voice heard by the heavens

By the devil Himself

I am hurt with anger

and sadness that you didnt belive me.



That one was toe-tally intense.....

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