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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers(The Originals)


Are the Origanal Power Rangers Better?  

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Over my years of growing up I ofcoruse like many others have watched Power Rangers.. Now I don't know about the rest of you but I think these new so called power rangers SUCK.. I mean the couple after the Mighty Morphin like zeo and turbo were ok but I'm talkin bout this crap like Wild Force and the newest thing S.P.D I mean jeez I think its about time they kill the power rangers they've already soiled the name Power Rangers it's stupid to continue and destroy what the originals stood for.. But thats just my opinion whats yours?
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Ami, try starting a new topic and then clicking the little link to add a poll (under the topic title & description). :)


As for the PR's, I liked the original because of Amy Jo Johnson (she is HOT), but also liked "In Space" I think it was, with Melody Perkins. WOW.. :D

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