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Do you belive in Santa Claus?


Do you belive in Santa Claus?  

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Yes I believe in Santa Clause. No I do not believe in Santa Clause. Would you like an explanation? I though so.


Flat out: I don't believe in a fat guy in a red suit flying around the world delivering presents to all the little boys and girls; however, I do believe in Santa Clause. I believe in him in the sense that the thought of a fat guy in a red suit puts people into a giving state of mind. It makes people think for awhile about how awesome it would be if it could actually happen; thereby making them play Santa in their own lives; be it to a poor child they meet on the street or their own children. I believe in Santa in the sense that the thought of him makes people want to be more charitable. It is said though, that it takes that kind of thing to convince people to give, but as long as something makes them give to the needy, that's all that matters. So, yes, I'm the loser that voted yes on "Do you believe in Santa?" And now you know why. :horse:

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