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Dwarf Fortress

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The topic description is a joke that will only be understood by my fellow players of this little gem.


Link to the game is here. This game has sucked up countless months of my time over the past three years.


A quick description of the game in my own words: Have you ever wanted to cut someone's arm off and beat them to death with it? Have you ever wanted to shoot someone with an arrow and puncture every major organ in their chest cavity at the same time? Do you have a computer that can run Crysis on max settings at 5000 FPS, but you still feel the need to slowly force your PC to grind to a halt? I've got a game for you, then!


The thread on Something Awful can explain this much better than I can.


Despite all of the tales of intense violence, that isn't the focus of the game. It could best be described as Sim City meets The Sims meets Dungeon Keeper meets NetHack. The game is in ASCII, so there are no gory graphics as one would probably expect. The violence is just a result of a very detailed injury/combat system.

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