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so.... What happined to Dacity?


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So I finally got around to checking my emails and came across an email from wolfie.


Curiosity finally got the best of me, and I decided to see how well business was booming.


Interestingly enough, I have to say. I'm quite dissapointed in how things have apparently gone down hill?


Where are all the old heads? Where is Dacity kid chat? and all the cool folks that were around back in my day of hanging out? sobeliz? the crazy swede's? wolfie? Etc..


Hell, I forgot I even had a website over at wilpig.org


Guess I'll have to message him and try to get my authorization again or just delete my webcontent folder.


Well. I'll check back for answers sometime.






p.s. Joined: 8-May 03 < --- Really? God that makes me feel old. :o

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p.s. Joined: 8-May 03 < --- Really? God that makes me feel old. :o

That's because you're old. :P


I kind of slacked off, thus the place turned into a ghost town. (sees tumbleweed blow by)


I'm hoping to breathe some new life into it soon, but I have another site that I'm putting some effort into and want to get activity on there going first.

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Links and info would be appreciative. How are things on your end? Good I hope.


It led a good life, even if it doesn't make it back to popularity. I'm sure your other crazy hair brained idea(s) will have just as good of a sucess rate at which this idea carried in it's prime.


And I'm younger than you sir, so don't go putting the cart before the ox :)


i keed I keed of course. You are and always have been cool people in my book, just lost site of what i had going on with you and the others of this community when real life kicked into overdrive and was too much a burden to handle on it's own.


But yeah, hit me up. I'm interested in hearing more of this other venture, as well as generally catching up and hearing of how this ended up turning out in the long run after i left as well as what's new with your life.



p.s. What ever became of the java site i created over here a long time ago? any chance of that code still existing or is it gone like the wind?

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Once upon a time, we had the ability to create member websites. And within the early stages of that, you had me to create an " example " site, to show features and encourage others to create their own as well.


No big deal if you couldn't find it. I should have made a back-up, but it's all good.

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Yeah the member websites never really had that much activity so I removed it. Somewhere among my billions of unlabeled and uncataloged cdr's, there should be a backup of the material before it got deleted. The tricky part being to find the right cdr. :lol:
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