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Goldfish Prank


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A few months ago, I did a prank in the girl's bathroom and also in the teacher's bathroom but I didnt get in trouble for it.


In the morning before school, I bought seven goldfish and put them in two ziplock bags with water and air in it so that they were still alive then I put the ziplock bags in each of my pockets. (they didnt leak) I got in the school before any students could be there and I walked quickly into the girl's bathroom. I pulled out the ziplock bags and opened them. I went to the first stall and walked to the toilet. I grabbed a goldfish out of the bag and put it in the toilet and same for all of the other stalls. On the last stall I flushed one of the ziplock bagsdown the toilet and then put a goldfish in it. I made sure i didnt leave any evidence so I wiped off the water from the bags with a paper towel and wiped off everything I touched. I walked out of the bathroom and wiped the handle with the paper towel. I walked over to the teacher's bathroom, held the last goldfish in my hand and with the other, flushed down the ziplock bag then I dropped the goldish in the stall, rinsed my hands with water NOT with soap, (soap leaves an odor) and wiped everything I touched with a paper towel. A few minutes after i was done the bell rang and I put the paper towels in my pocket, walked to class, and dropped the paper towels in the trash can.

Later on in the day the girls were talking about how there were goldfish in the toilets and so were the teachers. The teachers didnt worry much about it and just flushed the goldfish down the toilet. It wouldve been really funny if they didnt flush them and they started stinking. :D Nobody knew it was me and the students tried to figure out who it was. I laughed the whole day and thought about how it made the school actually talk about something in common for about two weeks.

Hope you enjoyed it :)

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An almost-animal Lover (not really...I can't stay off meat): Erm...You know how those pipes have twists and turns? You know how sometimes, not EVERYTHING goes ALL the way down they drain? Well, fish usually die about 3 minutes after they're flushed (If they aren't already dead!). Why? Because opf the trauma and shock. I mean...changing water temperatures that quickly! I can't even do that in the shower! AND when they go down, some of that crap and piss left on the sides gets attatched to them. crap+piss+pipes= bad bacteria. So, then, the bactera starts eating them alive (If they aren't dead yet)!


PS: Haha...danneh's an animal lover XD


Another PS: Pukie! You've become addicted to killing! First it was Mr. JFK...now this!

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