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A two-sided poem.


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Him: I saw her today

Her: I saw him today


Him: She looked great

Her: He looked okay


Him: I can smell her from here

Her: Whats he looking at?


Him: I just want to hold her

Her: Can't he just go away?


Him: I hope she knows I'm not leaving

Her: If only he wouldnt stay


Him: I want to kiss her

Her: Maybe he's not so bad


Him: Shes walking towards me

Her: I start to walk towards him


Him: "Hi" wow, that sounded horrible

Her: "Hey." God, does my breath smell bad?


Him: Her breath smells so good

Her: All I want to do is cry


Him: She starts to cry

Her: What the hell is wrong with me?


Him: I kiss her

Her: He kisses me.


Him: She kisses me

Her: I kiss him.


Him: "I love you."

Her: "I hate you."


Him: She hates me

Her: I don't hate him at all.


Him: I walk away

Her: He starts to walk away


Him: She says "Wait."

Her: I said for him to Wait.


Him: She kisses me and says "I love you."

Her: "I love you."

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