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I hate how things are going now

I hate how I know how their going to turn out

Whats the problem now?

Whats the stupid problem about?

Some more desisions?

Im tore in two

Some disapointment coming

What can I do

All I needed was someone tp pull me through

I guess I cant depend on you


I'll tell this world straight out I hate it

And, that its all become to much

Everything hurts so bad

from eye contact

To the slightest touch

To breathing the wasted air

To tasting with the one thing that gets us in bad postitions

Even to hearing

What your not ready to here

Can you feel the chills up your spine

Can you control your fear?


A little compassion would have been nice

A little love and care

Once again you can blame me

No one ever said life was fair

So screw our ups and downs

They're all starting to feel alike

Dont even try to make me smile if its not real

Dont dare get me syched


Take a deep breath

If you cant deal with whats going on

Take a deep breath

Even if its all going wrong

Take a deep breath

Even if you have nothing left to say

Take a deep breath

Dont let all of this stress get carried away

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