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Bin Laden


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Bin Laden dies from an heart attack. Of course he is heading for hell where the devil is awaiting him with some impatience.


- Well, I do not know what I will do with you, you are on my list of course, but there is no free place left at the moment. And of course your place is here! (He is thinking for a couple of minutes...) I know what I will do... I have here some Americans who are not so bad as you. I will send one to heaven, and you will take his place. I will do you a favour, you can decide yourself whom you want to replace.

Osama thinks that it is not too bad and he is agreeing (does he have another choice?).


The devil opens the first door. Inside there is Nixon in a swimming pool who is swimming without end. When he is coming close to the border, the border withdraws itself and Nixon is swimming and swimming without end.

- No, said Bin Laden, I can't swim well and I don't think that I can make it all days.

The devil brings him to a second room. George Bush is here with a big hammer and he is breaking a huge mass of stones.

- No, said Bin Laden, I have problems with my back and it would be an endless suffering if I would have to break stones all days long.

The devil opens a third door. Inside lying on a bed is Bill Clinton. Hands and feet attached to the bed. Over him is Monica Lewinski doing with him what she is famous for doing. Hmmmm....

Osama looks at this for a long time and can't believe it. Then he says:

- I am taking this one.

The devil answers:

- That is fine!

And then:

- Monica, go outside, you have someone to take your place!

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