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My Life as A Lesbian


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*PLEASE NOTE* I DID NOT WRITE THIS AND THE AUTHOR IS UNKNOWN .... I thought this was a great poem it was discussed in one of my classes so here it is ...............





My Life as A Lesbian


Why am I judged on who I am

Or better yet, who I love

Society’s regime has not my views

On what I think love is

Was the fighting vain?

Must I live in shame?

Or hide who I am

To be what you expect me to be.

I can’t explain it, but I know its right

Did you speak to my God?

Did he tell you what is right for me?

Or do you only know the traditional God?

That you only hear about and never found for yourself

If you asked Him, is loving another human wrong

Do you think he would turn me away?

Because the views of man in the so called Bible

Supposedly speaks of what He wants

You might say it is wrong

But who are you to judge?

If I am happy, what is the fault?

My mom says I need to change

But can I really change who I am?

She doesn’t understand, that Gays are also human

Just our views on love contradict

Can I change that I am black

If someone views me as a mistaken minority?

Can I stop being a woman

When someone says that I am second class?

Can I ever stop loving the same sex

When society views it as evil?

Just because I am upon a brave few

Who choose to be who they are, and love what they’ve become

Must I be characterized and taunted until I change?

No I was not born this way, and no one pushed along the process

But sometimes to be happy, you forget your surroundings and be who you are.

When I realized who I was

It took me a while to understand.

How will I come out, how will I stand

Who will like me,

Who will not?

Who will accept me,

Who will reject me?

Who will love me,

Who will hate me?

Who will let me live,

Who will try to kill my spirit?

Will you accept me for my differences;

Will I accept you for yours?

Can whites accept that I am black,

If they didn’t, am I suppose to change?

Can heterosexuals accept that I’m Gay,

If not, do you think I should rethink my sexuality?

Do I choose to be different,

Do I want to be hate in your eyes, dirt under your feet, and center of a discussion?

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Great p o e m!:)



Thanks I only wish I could take the credit for writing it but I did not it was discussed in my Diverse Population class and my prof. gave us all a copy I also thought it was awesome.


I am all about fairness and when people speak crap about the gay/lesbian community or about any minority, race issues etc.... no matter what I get pissed off especially when they do it with hate and ignorance. I was raised to judge a person by thier actions and not by the color of their skin, sexuality etc.......

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