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A good lesson


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Remeber when i told you about Ajee and Briah the dissers? Well they have become even more well you know!



My ex-friends yelled and picked fights with me alot. One day they picked a STUPID fight with me. We tried to decide what song we should dance to for the talent show. I said this dance is WAY to show offie! Briah said YOU DONT KNOW WHAT SHOW OFFIE IS LUCY! Of course i was so angry at the moment and grumpy (i have to wake up at 6:15 every morining Mon. through Fri.) i snapped YOU ALWAYS ARE YELLING AT ME! PLZ STOP! Ajee yelled YOUR EMBARASSING ME!!!! Actullay we were behind the school with no one so, i said NO ONE IS HERE!!!!! I walked across the street where my mom picks me up. The next day Ajee is being all moody and she said you embarassed me, i embarrass you. She walked up to my crush and said Lucy Loves You. Luckily Naji knew i liked him but that was a close call. Briah is giving me bad dirty looks and its been 3 weeks since it happend. I just ignore her. It drives her nuts! I got also got the best part in the drama club and she is so jealous. Alicia (my friend at school.) is now my bestestest friend. Ajee is still trying to become Best Friends again but thats gonna make Daja'vu. They are sooo mad at me for not giving them power. Im am totally happy. Friends LUck and a good part in the drama club! Life is sweet

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