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Rose upon the Floor


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Like a single red rose on the floor

You hun deserve so much more


Can’t you tell you are unique?

From your mind to your physique.


Though it’s close enough to taste it,

With another you chose to waste it.


Talking of her makes me mad,

And for you it makes you sad.


All I say now is you can’t fight,

In your heart you know I’m right.


You do deserve so much more,

My little rose upon the floor.


Time to come out of the gloom,

See the world without the doom.


You are in prison but you have the key,

Eyes may look open but still you don’t see.


I’m reassuring your credential,

So you see your own potential.


Don’t get stuck as the pig’s wife,

Take a chance and live your life.


You may not know it

But I am sure



Little Rose…

Deserves much more

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